The Innovators

Walter Isaacson


This is a book about history of computing and a large group of individuals who made it happen. Books covers time from Ada Lovelace’s vision of computer to Turing, Moore, Gates, Jobs, Wozniak, Torvals, Stallman and Berners Lee (just to name a few) all the way to our modern day.

Books main message is that collaboration of unnamed engineers together with some brilliant individuals made our current digital world. There was no single genius who made all this happen but, group of academics, engineers, product people, governments, open source communities and for profit business people, each generation building on top of previous generations innovations. Also crucial was joint effor of engineering and liberal arts.




My opinion

Walter Isaacson always delivers. This is an excellent book about history of my industry.

For who?

Anyone interested how our technological society ended up way it is.