Human Universe

Brian Cox, Andrew Cohen


Human life is a staggeringly strange thing. On the surface of a ball of rock falling around a nuclear fireball in the blackness of a vacuum the laws of nature conspired to create a naked ape that can look up at the stars and wonder where it came from.

What is a human being? Objectively, nothing of consequence. Particles of dust in an infinite arena, present for an instant in eternity. Clumps of atoms in a universe with more galaxies than people. And yet a human being is necessary for the question itself to exist, and the presence of a question in the universe – any question – is the most wonderful thing.

My opinion

Human universe is a very good science book which goes through history of cosmology and physics as a science. It gives lot to think. Even though it’s a book about natural sciences it’s deeply philosophical.

For who?

For anyone interested in natural sciences and/or philosophy.