Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

Walter Isaacson


In a sweeping narrative that follows Franklin’s life from Boston to Philadelphia to London and Paris and back, Walter Isaacson chronicles the adventures of the runaway apprentice who became, over the course of his eighty-four-year life, America’s best writer, inventor, media baron, scientist, diplomat, and business strategist, as well as one of its most practical and ingenious political leaders. He explores the wit behind Poor Richard’s Almanac and the wisdom behind the Declaration of Independence, the new nation’s alliance with France, the treaty that ended the Revolution, and the compromises that created a near-perfect Constitution.

In this colorful and intimate narrative, Isaacson provides the full sweep of Franklin’s amazing life, showing how he helped to forge the American national identity and why he has a particular resonance in the twenty-first century.

My opinion

This is another create biography of a great man by a worlds greatest biographer Walter Isaacson. This book is fascinating description of American History at then end of 18th century. It’s a story how 13 British colonies somehow become somewhat unified nation state. It is also a story of curious and industrial man who left his mark in history as an inventor, scientist, philosopher, writer and statesman.

Isaacson continues his series of great generalist of history. I have read his biographies of Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci.  It’s not hard to see similarities between these tree very original personalities. They were all super curious generalists who were interested in everything. They were socially skillful and already acknowledged geniuses at their own time. They all also had some faults in their personalities.

For who?

Anyone interested in American History or society in general,