Alice Cooper – Golf Monster

Alice Cooper


In this tell-all memoir, Alice Cooper speaks candidly about his life and career, including all the years of rock ’n’ roll history he’s been a part of, the addictions he faced, and the surprising ways he found redemption.

From a childhood spent as a minister’s son worshiping baseball and rock ’n’ roll; to days on the road with his band, working to make a name for themselves; to stardom and the insanity that came with it, including a quart-of-whiskey-a-day habit; to drying out at a sanitarium back in the late ’70s, Alice Cooper paints a rich and rockin’ portrait of his life and his battle against addiction—fought by getting up daily at 7 a.m. to play 36 holes of golf.

My opinion

People who have lived interesting lives have good stories to tell. Alice Cooper is one of them. Regardless of the name this book is not mostly about Golf. That’s just a framework to emphasise how becoming a golfer literally saved his life. This is his full biography from childhood to present day. Best parts are his interactions with other famous people through out the years, like John Lennon, Salvador Dali, Elvis Presley and honest stories about those people.

For who?

For people interested in pop culture figures and good biographies. Also for Alice Cooper fans obviously.